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Airdrop Ticket
Airdrop tickets allow you to call in-game supply drops. Keep your eyes on the sky from where you make the request. It's on you to make sure you get there before your fellow survivors and you might have to fight for it. Airdrop contents are selected at random, but will contain a combination of items such as weapons, ammunition and various survival supplies. Lately we've had some trouble with zombies in the supply crates, so be careful when it arrives.
500 SC
Item Class:
Max Stack:
Single Use:

Airdrop Ticket is an account item in H1Z1. When used, it will call in an airdrop that will give you a randomly selected set of items, along with seven zombies. Note that servers only allow airdrops when there is a certain amount of people online. It can be obtained by purchasing it off the Steam Marketplace, or by purchasing it off the Daybreak Cash store.

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