King of the Kill

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Players are dropped into the world to fight one another to the death until only a single player or small group survives.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Pre-Game[edit | edit source]

Once a player joins a server for a round of King Of The Kill, they are placed into a holding area, named the "Box of Destiny", until enough players have joined. This holding area is where players tend to vent their frustrations before the match, usually through voice communication. This venting is meant to be humorous, but for the less desensitized folk it is recommended to mute all sounds until they start the round. Obscene statements, creep-talk, music, calling the names of popular streamers, and flat out screaming is nothing out of the ordinary, and is to be expected.

Once at least a hundred players have connected, a thirty second countdown will begin. During the countdown, up to fifty more players are able to join, capping the match off at one hundred and fifty players maximum. Once the countdown is up, the round will begin.

Early Game[edit | edit source]

The players are dropped in from the skies with parachutes. After the players land, they will find weapons and gear in plentiful supply.

The first fifteen or so minutes tend to be fast paced, and usually half of the players will die during this time. After the first half of players have died, the remaining will fall into one of three types of play.

  • Most players will spend the remaining time in the match trying to find their way out of the poisonous green fog while they still try to find more gear. They are usually killed by the next group.
  • 'Hunters' are the players that don't want to hide or camp, and have played enough to know that they probably wont be using the many rounds of ammunition they have found while scavenging. These players tend to stay more to the center of the safe area, and they know where to find the next group.
  • The last group of people play a less enjoyable and narcissistic game according to many other players. After finding their gear, these players will immediately seek out a bush near the gas to hide in. This playstyle usually gets someone the furthest into the match, but it can get very boring, and it will get dangerous if they are still stuck in position once bombs start falling. There are very few players that don't fall into this category once the match is trimmed down to the last ten to fifteen players, so it is not considered bad at that time.

End Game[edit | edit source]

If a player is skilled enough to kill and/or evade players and dodge bombs from airplanes flying overhead, they will find themselves in the prize-winner category. When the game has progressed to the point where there is only a tiny area of playable space left, there will usually only be about ten players left. Most deaths at this point are caused by not wanting to move out of the poisonous gas, or accidentally revealing what bush they were in or what rock they were behind. At this point in the game, the players can choose to win as a group and all receive a lesser grand prize than if they won the match as a single player.

Hardcore King Of The Kill[edit | edit source]

Hardcore King Of The Kill is considered a harder version of King Of The Kill. It has bears and zombies added in as an extra challenge, along with the game being played in nighttime. This version also has players locked in first-person perspective.

Hardcore King Of The Kill also has different rewards, including a different type of bag.


Rewards[edit | edit source]

King Of The Kill[edit | edit source]

XP is given each match. So much XP earns you an unlocked crate.

You're also given a match score, your best top 10 games represent your season rank.

Notable Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Simple map bugs, new UI problems.
  • team modes kind of buggy while working on spectator functions.
  • teaming in solo games (although not really a bug, it is a known problem.)