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Loot Cache

Loot Cache is a container that you can open with a corresponding worn letter.



A tattered journal, most of the pages are destroyed except for a prominent one which has a key taped at the bottom of the page. The page reads:

Day 51 Pleasant Valley is overrun, I took what I could and locked everything else away in the cave near the church. God help us.


Location: Inside the cave under the church in Pleasant Valley.

A worn envelope with a short letter and a key inside of it. The letter reads:


I put our leftovers under the dam bridge. The damn dam bridge! Hahahah.


Location: Underneath Misty Peak Dam.

A torn letter with a small key on a ribbon stapled to it. The letter reads:


The stash is in the cabin at Ruby Lake. Don't touch my borscht.


Location: On the right-side pier in Opfer Wilderness Camp.

An odd envelope covered in doodled orange arrows with a key and a letter inside. The letter reads:

Awesome Roy -

Yo dude, I put the stash under the Pisspot Water tower like we talked about, here is the key.


Location: A shed next to the water tower east of Wake Hills Hamlet.

A small manila envelope that contains a letter and a single sheet of paper. The letter reads:

Runners -

This is the key to the cache. Don't step in that toxic shit in the cave. I did and it started melting my shoe.

- Rhonda

Location: Inside the cave at Dirty Deeds Disposal.

A tattered page with a key taped to it. The page reads:

Echo -

The loot is under the radio tower on top of VP.

"The nights of blood are the nights of most impatience."

- Skal, Ellohime

Location: At K69.0FM Radio Station.

Folded skull stationery page with a key inside of it. The page reads:

Shorty -

I hid the trade stock in the freezer of the LJ's in Pleasant Valley. This is the key. Put some different food in there, I am sick of eating these damn moldy waffles and potatoes.

- Lorik

Location: In the freezer of Long Johnstons Steakhouse in Pleasant Valley.

An envelope with a letter inside. The letter reads:


I put the stash in between some storage containers in the Villa Development.

-Farmer Jon

Location: Between the blue containers in the middle of The Villas Development.